Every Lafayette student knows that when you are in need of a quick caffeine fix or a delicious breakfast sandwich you head over to March Street, home of Lafayette’s favorite coffee shops: Cosmic Cup and Mojo Hill (soon to be called Mojo 516 Cafe). Right on the edge of campus, they are the perfect spot to stop in for a delicious breakfast after a night out at Campus, CHT, or Milos.

With two great places right next to one another, we’re inevitably forced to decide: which one should I choose today?

Faced with this dilemma too many times, we decided to ask over 100 Lafayette students which they prefer. Here’s what they said…

For Coffee: Cosmic Cup

Cosmic Cup vs Mojo Hill

Photo by Olivia Bonevento

With chill vibes and a killer menu, Cosmic is the perfect stop for a quick, delicious burst of coffee-filled energy. Whether in the mood something traditional or a seasonal special, Cosmic has got ya covered. With the slogan “Drink outside the Box!,” the menu rivals Starbucks in terms of creativity.

For Smoothies: Mojo Hill

Cosmic Cup vs Mojo Hill

Photo by Rachna Kota

Mojo is crushing the smoothie game. They have a wide variety of fresh, creamy, fruity, green smoothies to choose from. We recommend the Exotic Green smoothie for a heavenly, refreshing pick-me-up that leaves you feeling oh-so healthy. Not on campus but craving a green smoothie? Try this one out.

For Food: Both

Cosmic Cup vs Mojo Hill

Photo by Katie Mcguire

Whether you’re dying for a good bagel or a cheesy breakfast sandwich, both Mojo and Cosmic got it on lock.

Students were divided on which Laf go-to spot has the best food – it all depends on what you are craving. Looking for a warm breakfast sandwich to gorge yourself on? Head to Mojo for an egg white, avocado, and cheese sandwich. Want something a little more classic? A Cosmic bagel is the way to go.

For Specialty Drinks: Both

Cosmic Cup vs Mojo Hill

Photo by Caroline Nawrocki

Students were split right down the line on this one because Cosmic and Mojo each offer such unique, delectable specialty drinks. One of the most sought after drinks is Cosmic’s frothy, cinnamon-y take on a winter classic: Mexican Hot Chocolate. But after drinking our weight in hot chocolate, students flock to Mojo for freshly squeezed juices to get a delicious glass of nutrients to bring a little balance to our college diets.

Lafayette’s most beloved coffee shops are loved for a reason. In the end, whichever you choose, you definitely can’t go wrong.