From road trips to drunk eats to late night food cravings we’ve all been down the road where there was only one option for complete satisfaction: Burger King. There is nothing better then taking that first bite into the succulent and cheesy patty or dipping those crispy on-the-outside, soft on-the-inside fries into ketchup. This was all made possible by David Edgerton and James McLamore who were both Hotelies here at Cornell. The duo was inspired by the McDonald family and saw great potential in their assembly-line system of production so decided to open up a similar chain of their own. They opened their first Burger King in Miami and the glorious operation took off from there.

Burger King

Photo by Ryan

Robert Atkins attended what was known then as Cornell University Medical College. Now, we all know what that Cornell workload can do to you so in his first years as an MD, Atkins gained a hefty amount of weight due to stress and poor eating habits. So like all of us he tried a variety of diets until he found the one where he was shedding the most pounds. To no surprise this is what eventually became his famous Atkins’ Diet which promotes a high-protein, low-carbohydrate eating pattern. With spring break right around the corner be sure to check out your fellow Cornellian’s plan to get the ultimate six-pack.


Photo by FoodBev Photos

Last but certainly not least, fellow Cornellian Robert C. Baker gave birth to possibly the best invention of all time: The Chicken Nugget. Known as the “George Washington Carver of poulty” Baker got is bachelor degree from CALS and spent his entire academic life at Cornell publishing about 290 research papers and founding our Institute of Food Science and Marketing. He is accredited to over 40 poultry, turkey, and cold cut developments including the way we bind bread to chicken to make cutlets and other crusted meats. Obviously his most important invention was the chicken nugget which, in combination with his other contributions, had him inducted into the American Poultry Hall of Fame (yes, this is real).

Chicken Nuggets

Photo by Joel Ignacio