If I’m being honest, cooking is the one thing I struggle with the most (well, that and being broke).

Do you have trouble cooking edible food?

We've all been there.

I've tried to make “healthy” avocado ice cream from a sketchy Google recipe that included molasses, honey, and vanilla extract and ended up with a lovely green-colored blob the consistency of ketchup.

When I attempted gazpacho, which involves blending whole wheat bread, tomatoes, water, and various spices in a blender until frothy (at least according to the random recipe I found online), I just made puke.

The number of times I’ve put uncooked noodles into casseroles or soups is embarrassing. In my defense, sometimes this supposedly works—but never for me. 

Need more variety?

In addition to these problems, I always fall into a cooking rut. My week usually looks something like this: pasta, salad, toast, grilled vegetables, pasta, pasta, pasta.

You get the point. 

And when I try to mix it up with whatever “ethnic" dish I find on the reliable Google, I end up substituting fettuccine for egg noodles and broccoli for Gai Lan because I can’t find the ingredients in the grocery store or because I only have time to use what I have at the house.

So, basically I just end up cooking pasta AGAIN with soy or sesame sauce mixed in.

Can you relate?

If you have trouble cooking edible food, check out the Spoon University Meal Plan for meal kits and recipes delivered straight to your door.

With this meal plan, there's no need to worry about over-seasoning chicken to the point where your throat burns eating it. Say goodbye to mushy grilled vegetables and floury fish that is in no way the breaded tilapia you imagined it would be. Yes, sadly, I speak from experience.

Cooking takes practice, and if you’re accident-prone, the stupid mistakes just keep on coming, trust me.

Making healthy meals at college doesn’t have to be stressful, and this meal plan is here to take that stress of your shoulders. Once you get past the inevitable first-timer fails, you might even find that cooking is actually fun.