The CHiP Smart Cookie Oven is a revolutionary new tool for easy cooking and quick clean up. Deemed, by Fox News, the "Keurig machine for cookie lovers," the oven satisfies your sweet tooth, requiring simply the machine and cookie dough pods to make your favorite treats. 

Perfect consistency every time

The CHiP is the most high tech way to bake cookies, and works with the SideChef app to include ingredient information, cooking instructions, and a customizable final product. All you have to do is pop in the pods, press a button, and wait maybe ten minutes for your perfect product.

For a gooey cookie fanatic, like myself, getting the perfect near-dough consistency is always a struggle. With CHiP, users can select how they want their dough baked simply by pressing a button. Pick chewy or crunchy and never fear burnt edges or raw dough again.

What's up with the pods?

There are a variety of pod flavors available including white chocolate macadamia and sugar funfetti, but CHiP doesn't stop at dessert. They also are planning to release breakfast cookies, which will include flavors like cranberry oatmeal and superfood, and for those of you with special dietary restrictions, CHiP features gluten free and paleo options. If you're not down for the predetermined pod flavors and happen to have your own dough recipe, CHiP cooks customized dough, too.

What will this adult Easy Bake oven cost me?