Ancient scriptures have foretold that there is no greater joy than baking and eating cookies. Mere mortals have indulged in this pleasure greatly over millenniums, and although the gluttony gave them much bliss, it also served as a curse. In the days of Yore there were only 3 delicious formulas, two of which were guarded by a 10 foot tall dragon. This devilish beast was made of steel and ice by Hades himself, and bestowed the ferocious name, Paul. But today Mankind is plagued with millions of cookie recipes, and thus, indecision. How can one be elated by the glorious dough circles if they are bombarded with too many options to actually bake?!

Photo by Caroline McCune

But fear not, young sugar-seekers, we shall not perish in a swarm of Pinterest boards!! The answer is in the stars! Your Zodiac, your true self shall guide you to the cookie that shall restore your faith in sweets!


  1. Hey Sugar, What's Your Sign?