If you’re lucky enough to be in a relationship, then you know the struggle that follows the question “What should we do tonight?” In a world where everything is too expensive, too far away or sometimes too much effort (as in, you physically cannot change out of your sweatpants), why not cook up a master meal with your one and only? Here’s some reasons why you should pick out a recipe and go for it with your main squeeze:

1. If you’re making a meal, you’ll most likely need to go grocery shopping, which (in my book) is one of the most underrated, fun activities of the century. Whether you each grab a cart and compete to see who can nab the best deals or stroll down the aisles hand-in-hand, your super market date will undoubtedly be, well, super.

cooking for two

Photo by Bari Blanga

2. Cooking with someone else requires teamwork, which is why you should do it with your honey. Why wouldn’t you want to hone in on your connection to make something great? Cooking as a couple is a way in which you can become familiar with each other’s talents, personalities and work ethics. Get into a groove and become a well-oiled machine. Chances are your learned teamwork will transfer to other situations in life.

3. Maybe things won’t go as smoothly as you plan—and that’s ok. Making food together will foster a relaxed environment in which you can both learn to laugh at your mistakes. Did she dump in a cup of salt instead of sugar? Is he absolutely hopeless at grating carrots? Exercise patience and approach your flops with humor; joking about the small things will help you know what to do when bigger ones arise.

cooking for two

Photo by Emma Shellhamer

4. In a world of self-sufficiency, following a recipe and preparing food with someone else forces you to develop trust in their abilities. I can be one of those people who wants something done her way only, but cooking as a couple leaves no room for that attitude. Divide up the tasks and flex your trust muscles, even when your lover sautés, slices or peels in a way that’s different from how you normally do.

5. After finishing your recipe, you’ll get to eat it together. Nothing beats a homemade dinner with your sweetie by candlelight. Be sure to set the table for two and to slow down enough to fully enjoy what you’ve made—and to gaze into each other’s eyes.


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