If sparklers and bikinis are symbols of summer, popsicles mark warmer days ahead. That excitement of spring and summer is just the boost you need in the midst of a long week of classes, plus a little shot of caffeine.

Look no further than Brewla Craft Ice Pops. Created by a pair of siblings, the company offers a variety of sweet tea/fruit combinations alongside a rootbeer float and cold brew pop. And did I mention they're all 50 calories or less.

In an effort to break free from the blues of a Chicago winter, I decided to try Brewla pops for a week for little taste of summer.

Day 1: Cold Brew

Hannah Brown

For the first day of my week, I reached for a cold brew coffee pop. On my way to morning lecture I was pleasantly surprised by the mild sweetness and strong coffee flavor of the pop. Most frozen cold brew coffee I've had so far is pretty weak or overly sweet to make up for cheap coffee, so this was a big plus.

The coffee in the pop was enough to help me make it through my classes without the midday slump, while not being pungent enough to leave the bitter coffee aftertaste.

Day 4: Root Beer

Hannah Brown

After nearly living off of the coffee pops for three days, I decided to mix it up a little bit. I'm not a huge fan of root beer, but this pop was all right. While it wasn't overly sweet, it still had that bite and almost fizzy quality that made me feel like a little kid at camp again, drinking gallons of the stuff when it was way too hot to enjoy. This cooled down version still wasn't my favorite box, but it was definitely better than I thought they would be.

Day 6: Strawberry and Hibiscus Tea

Hannah Brown

I wish I hadn't waited so long to try the strawberry and hibiscus tea pop. By far my favorite popsicle, the iced fruit and tea combo not only looked amazing but also tasted like a better version of Starbucks' Very Berry Hibiscus drink. If summer was a flavor, this is it and it even had that little boost of caffeinated tea to make my Saturday a little more energized while I ran errands and went to work.

Every time I unwrapped a pop, I felt a little jolt of excitement and I could almost feel the frigid air around me grow warmer. Adding popsicles to my daily routine seemed to really improve my day and turned a new way of getting my caffeine intake into a cool reminder that warmer days were to come.