You’re not the only one who instinctively orders the extra large pepperoni pizza for the big game. And you’re not all that special if you get salad or Chinese either. Whether it’s watching the major kickoff or a hilarious advertisement, chances are you’re doing it while snacking on the same grub as millions of other viewers around the country.

Thanks to our friends at EatStreet, we have the scoop on what college kids across America are eating on Game day, based on the results from last year. Will this year be the same? Or will everyone be ordering green smoothies and quinoa bowls?

Here’s what we do know:

  • Last year pepperoni claimed its title as champion of pizza toppings.
  • Enough people actually ordered salad to place it as one of the top five food items (perhaps out of obligation to their faltering New Year’s Resolutions?)
  • No surprise on wings and fries.
  • And a tip: most orders come in right before kickoff, so call in early. Don’t be that person caught without chicken wings when all the excitement starts.

Infographic from EatStreet, Inc.

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