It's no secret the stereotype exists that girls indulge in dessert. It's portrayed time and again in movies and television shows that when girls go through any emotional experience, it's usually paired with eating an excessive amount of sweets. But here's my question: what about guys? Do they "indulge" in dessert in the same way that girls do? We assume that guys can eat whatever they want and not think twice about it, but could there be something they consider "indulgent" as well? I asked fifteen college guys what dessert they consider a complete indulgence  — and their answers were surprisingly similar to one another.

What Is a Dessert That You Think Is Indulgent?

“Probably Ben and Jerry’s ice cream.”

“Fudge sundae.”

“Definitely ice cream at the end of a big meal.”

“Probably ice cream.” 

"Gold brick sundae, hands down." 

When I received the responses, I was shocked. Ice cream, really? That's not what I think of when I picture a hefty dessert. Ice cream is one of my go-to snacks. I repeat, a snack. So why do guys think it's indulgent? Is there something they know that I don’t? 

Why Do You Think Ice Cream Is Indulgent?

“I’m always tempted to eat the entire tub, plus there’s so much in the ice cream, not just the ice cream itself.”

“Chocolate chunks, brownies.. the flavors can be stuffed with anything.”

"Whether it's Phish food or The Tonight Dough there's always tons of other stuff."

Okay, so binge eating ice cream is the fear. To them, it’s about keeping in mind portion control. Something that's easy to overlook. One serving of ice cream is half of a cup, which is completely fine in moderation. But keep eating it, and that's where it gets to be a lot of calories in a little bit of time. 

A single serving of Ben & Jerry's chocolate ice cream is 250 calories, while a slice of double chocolate layer cake is 235 calories. Not too big of a difference. But if you think about it, a whole pint of Ben & Jerry's can be up to 900 calories. And mindless eating is bound to happen when you're armed with a spoon, Netflix, and a pint of ice cream.

We All Love You, Ice Cream

Okay, so stereotypes aside, ice cream is loved by both genders. I know I get excited about the pints of Ben & Jerry's in my freezer. To me, a perfect night is Netflix and chill(y) ice cream. And I know there's a guy or two out there who feels the same way. So, while I'm surprised they think it's indulgent, let's all ditch the guilt and love the ice cream because you deserve it.