We all know Coldplay’s lead singer, Chris Martin, is a musical genius — one that can bring tears to our eyes or make us get up and dance. Although he is obviously gifted musically, his new diet seems ridiculous.

He recently revealed that he eats for six days straight and then fasts on the seventh, only to drink water. Where did he get this idea from? “This guy said to me, ‘Try not eating for a day, it will make your body feel healthier,’ and I did it and I found I could sing a bit better, and also I felt so grateful for food,” said Martin, according to ABC News. Not so convincing.


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The starving artist image is quite a cliche that Martin is seemingly proving as his answer to success. Lisa Drayer, a nutritionist and author, told ABC News, “You do have to be careful because fasting can lead to headaches, irritability, low blood sugar and difficulty concentrating and this could all negatively impact performance.” Seems like it’s just beneficial in Martin’s case— if that.


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The Coldplay singer admits the diet is tough and that he is not doing it for weight loss, and many nutritionists advise against this diet to shed pounds. Diets like these are scary and one artist’s methodology should not be an inspiration to college students and other adults. Fasting in small increments could lead to more serious eating disorders.

Fasting in general can lead to overeating afterwards, poor sleep, muscle loss, and more detrimental side effects. We should always air on the side of caution when celebrities leak their fad diets because they may not be good for our physical or mental health.