When the temperatures rise, not so coincidentally, so does everyone's craving for ice cream. Fortunately, this summer, Cold Stone Creamery is amping up its Cake Batter ice cream with two new epic flavors.

According to Brand Eating, the same classic Cake Batter ice cream will still be on the menu, with the addition of Strawberry Cake Batter and Chocolate Cake Batter Ganache flavors. All three cake batter varieties are available on their own, so you can customize them by adding in all the cookie dough and sprinkles that you want. However, they're also available in three signature creations. 

Signature creations mix all the ice cream and toppings together for you, so you don't have to feel fully responsible for making your own bomb flavor. Berry Me in Batter blends Strawberry Cake Batter ice cream with strawberry wafers cookies, caramel, and whipped topping. The More Chocolate The Batter (kudos to whoever comes up with these names) is a mix of Chocolate Cake Batter Ganache ice cream with fudge, brownie, caramel, and whipped topping. The Big 3-0 mixes the OG Cake Batter ice cream with sprinkles, brownie bits, and fudge. 

This summer marks Cold Stone Creamery's 30th year anniversary, so celebrating with more cake batter only feels appropriate. You can try the new flavors and creations now through Aug. 28 at all participating Cold Stone Creamery locations.