Cold brew coffee” is all the rage right now, and if you haven’t tried it yet, you can find it anywhere. Just about everywhere is hopping with this new trend of cold brew coffee, including one of America’s favorite coffee chains, Dunkin Donuts.

cold brew coffee

Photo courtesy of @DunkinDonuts on Twitter

The brand recently released their cold brew coffee as a test run to select locations in Massachusetts and Maine, and so far it’s receiving great feedback. So, before I fled my college campus in Maine for the summer, I ran to DD. I was one of the lucky few to try this cold brew.

Cold brew, I learned, is made exclusively in store and brewed overnight by steeping it in water under refrigeration, which adds to the overall taste and caffeine boost in the coffee (it has more caffeine than regular coffee which is a HUGE plus).

Since I am not a true New Englander, I have always been faithful to Starbucks, especially their cold brew, which has an almost chocolate-like and hazelnutty taste that other cold brews I’ve tried don’t really have. I had high expectations. It was going to be tough for Dunkin’s new drink to beat my love for Starbucks’ amazing drink.

cold brew coffee

Photo courtesy of @commetoujours_ on Instagram

My Results

A hard call but… Starbucks won it (for me). I still found that there was something about the Starbucks taste that worked slightly better than the Dunkin one. The Dunkin cold brew was good (much better than their iced coffee in my opinion) and I would definitely not count it out, however the Starbucks flavoring of their cold brew is naturally sweeter.

I highly recommend everyone taste the drinks for themselves, or even try making your own cold brew at home! For now, the battle continues…