It's no surprise that soda isn't healthy, but few people actually know how unhealthy it truly is. Coke can really damage your teeth, especially if you're drinking it daily. To help you get a better picture, these are some ways people use Coke around the house to replace toxic household cleaners: 

1. Removing Rust 

If you have any item or tool that is covered in rust, simply submerge it in a glass of Coke for a couple of hours and scrub. Scary, isn't it?

2. Removing Oil Stains

The highly acidic nature of Coke makes it the perfect cleaning tool for removing oil stains from asphalt. Acid that is capable of eating oil stains is probably not the healthiest drink choice. 

3. Cleaning Car Batteries

If your car battery has corrosion, Coke is your answer. The chemicals in Coke make it the perfect tool to remove the daily wear-and-tear on your car's engine. Do you still want to drink Coke after seeing this video? I hope not.  

4. Cleaning Dishes

Coke isn't only good for removing rust or cleaning up oil stains, it can also be used to remove burnt food and grease from dishes and pans. Just another reason to question what Coke is doing to your stomach. 

5. Cleaning Toilets

When you're in a pinch, Coke can replace any toilet cleaner. Just pour it around the rim and watch it go to work. If you wouldn't drink Clorox or Lysol, why would you drink something that's capable of replacing those household cleaners?

Whether you're drinking it from the fountain or from the can, Coke is not a healthy drink choice. The ingredients alone should be a reason to give up Coke, let alone its non-consumption uses. Just think, if Coke can remove corrosion from a car battery or clean up oil stains, then there is no way it can be good for your health

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