St Andrews may be lacking in virtually every category, but coffee is something that we have in excess. While 600 years worth of stressed out students can definitely account for the existence of half of the towns coffee shops, the other half need to reassess their business decisions.

We can probably all agree that our relationship with coffee is love/hate.

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As your palette sophisticated and you matured, however, you began to realise that where you get your coffee is just about as important as getting it in the first place.

We all know the nuances of the local coffee scene, but now its time to decipher where you fit into the equation.

So, what coffee shop in St Andrews are you? Let’s find out.

coffee shop

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  1. What’s your drink of choice?

  2. How would you rate your level of chill?

  3. Which sole speaks to your soul?

  4. What is your area of study?

  5. It's a Friday night, where are you headed?

  6. What's your ideal weekend destination?

  7. What percentage of your lectures do you attend?

  8. Where do you buy your wine?

  9. It's a sunny day, you are...

  10. I would never leave my house without my...