If you have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, access to the Internet or know at least one teenage girl, you probably know by now that all seven seasons of Gilmore Girls have been put on Netflix. I repeat: all seven seasons.

And if you know all seven seasons of Gilmore Girls are on Netflix, then you have almost surely binge-watched at least the first season, which means you have been relying on coffee to get you through early mornings of class, which means you could pretty much be Lorelai or Rory Gilmore.

photo by hokiesleeh.blogspot.com

In honor of Netflix providing hundreds of hours of procrastination during these next few weeks of midterms, we have decided to take that procrastination one article further with this coffee-flavored recipe round up.

Enjoy the recipes just as Lorelai and Rory Gilmore would, but please, if your cooking skills are anything like theirs, seek out your Sookie-like friends to help you make these mouth watering treats.

Coffee Toffee

photo courtesy of smittenkitchen.com

The perfect snack for late night television watching. Find the recipe here.

Coffee Pots de Creme

photo courtesy of thepioneerwoman.com


Sookie would be so proud of this fancy presentation.

DIY Salted Caramel Mocha

photo by Alex Tom

‘Tis the season! Well, at least in Stars Hollow it is. Pretend like you live in the North with this warm delight. 

Coffee Rubbed Rib-Eye

photo courtesy of Food Network

Because red meat is the second main food group of the dynamic duo. Here’s Bobby Flay’s version.

Espresso Chocolate Coffee Cake

photo courtesy of Kirsten Rosenau of pastryaffair.com

Definitely a Suki creation for Independence Inn. Check it out here.

Mocha Silk Pie

photo courtesy of thepioneerwoman.com

This looks like it was taken right out of Luke’s diner. Here’s the recipe.

Coffee Glazed Doughnuts

photo courtesy of epicurious.com

If it has sugar, sugar and more sugar, the Gilmore girls will eat it.