As someone who magically turned lactose-intolerant, I have had to give up one of my most favorite delicacies—ice cream sandwiches. For me, an ice cream sandwich does it all: it gives me the rich fat that comes from churned ice-cream and a bit of tartness from the cookie, which makes the sandwich even sweeter. Together, it is the best snack to have on an early summer evening. However, after trying Coconut Girl's ice cream sandwiches, I have now realized that I do not have to feel “FOMO” on those summer days. 

Cynthia Liu

As a paleo, dairy-free, gluten-free, grain-free, and soy-free ice sandwich, it is made with natural ingredients. For someone who consumes soy products in frightening quantities, I was really happy to see that these ice cream sandwiches do not include any soy. There is a lot of uncertainty on whether processed soy is actually good for you, so before my first bite, I knew I was going to eat something that was healthy. I appreciate that Coconut Girl is also trying to showcase to the world that dessert can be healthy and even a part of our diets as all of these sandwiches are paleo.

But now let’s get into the individual flavors. Coconut Girl comes in three delicious flavors: Aloha Chocolate, Hang Loose Vanilla, and Beach Bum Maple.

Aloha Chocolate

Cynthia Liu

Chocolate ice cream is an old favorite of mine, but I, for some reason, have never tried it between two cookies. From the first bite of Aloha Chocolate, I could taste the sweet dates, which complemented the tartness that probably came from the cocoa powder. As it melted into my mouth, I later tasted the maple syrup and honey mixture that was amplified by the texture of walnuts in the cookie and creamy consistency from the ice cream. I would honestly say that ice cream definitely tasted like chocolate, but it had a different flavor profile that probably came from the dates.

Hang Loose Vanilla

Cynthia Liu

The next flavor I tried was Hang Loose Vanilla. Considered to be the “OG” of ice cream, classic vanilla is everyone's favorite. However, this sandwich was something else. Without the maple syrup, the added cinnamon worked well together with the honey, which at least for me, gave me a warm feeling inside. Cinnamon has incredible health benefits, and I do not recall any time I have tried ice cream with cinnamon in it, but I am not complaining. Though delicious, I would not compare it to the typical vanilla ice cream sandwich, because of all the added flavor we get from the natural sweeteners.

Beach Bum Maple

Cynthia Liu

The last flavor was Beach Bum Maple, which I found a lot like the Aloha Chocolate except with less cocoa. As the name suggests, there was a substantial amount of maple syrup taste that went well with the honey-like flavor I mentioned before about the Aloha Chocolate. I thought this flavor was a great in-between for people who did not want to just stick with either chocolate or vanilla ice cream. After reading the ingredient list again, I could taste each individual ingredient with each bite.

Coconut Girl's ice cream sandwich is not your average sandwich and so I would not consider them a traditional dupe. If you are looking for a healthier option or have dietary restrictions, then I think this ice cream is for you. I would really take notice of the ingredients and try to recognize what it is going to taste like before because you do get all the flavors listed. I found these ice cream sandwiches honestly delicious and felt even better after eating them knowing that they were made naturally. And for these reasons I ask you to go nuts about Coconut Girl's ice cream and try them out.