A cocktail is a drink that can and should have all the flavors you need and want in one sip. There's a best cocktail for everyone, so nobody will should miss out on the fun when they're in the mood for a drink.

Cosmopolitan: Unique

It's not your ordinary vodka, Cointreau, fresh lime juice, and cranberry-infused cocktail because of its several versions, flavors, and its history. This is the best cocktail for you because it will still get you fairly drunk and is pretty special—just like you.

Both you and this cocktail prefer the better things in life and don't waste time seeking approval from anyone. The two of you also like things that most people don't usually know about or talk about. Make this drink.

Hurricane: Easygoing

It's a fun rum cocktail with lime juice, orange juice, passion fruit juice, and simple syrup. With different variations of this one at every bar, you should have fun switching things up with this drink from time to time. You're the kind of person who isn't picky and will drink nearly anything, which is why this cocktail is perfect for you. Make this drink. 

Kamikaze: Antsy

A vodka, triple sec, and lime juice cocktail that doesn't waste time, that gets straight down to business—aka drinking. This cocktail is the one for you because it's super quick to make, will get you drunk in less time than it takes to make it, which caters perfectly to your impatience. Make this drink. 

Long Island Iced Tea: Ambitious

Bold, flavorful, and no joke...Just like you. With the amount of vodka, rum, tequila, gin, triple sec, simple syrup, and lemon juice cola that is in this cocktail, its main goal is to get you drunk and won't stop until it succeeds. Sounds similar to you as a person, right? Make this drink. 

Melon Ball: Calm

A vodka, melon liquor, and orange juice cocktail that's for people who aren't picky and don't like making things more complicated than they have to do. The Melon Ball is refreshing but not overbearing, liked by many, and is full of surprises, just like you. This cocktail is soothing and promotes positive vibes for everyone. Make this drink. 

Tom Collins: Basic

A gin, fresh lemon juice, and simple syrup cocktail meant for those who are lazy and don't like drinks with too much of anything in them. Both you and this cocktail stick to the simpler things and prefer life not to be so complicated. This cocktail is a basic alcoholic version of your favorite lemonade, which is another reason why it's meant for you. Make this drink. 

White Russian: Risky

This vodka, kahlua, and heavy cream cocktail is for you if you prefer to do things without letting people know what you're doing, enjoy life, and prefer to always be bold (like the vodka in this cocktail). The look and taste of it are deceiving, which is fine with you. With the company of this cocktail, the two of you can plan even riskier things together while finding a way to disguise it all. Make this drink.