We students have finally reached the limbo of Fall semester: a strange period of time stuck between midterms and finals, yet still bogged down by enough work to make your head spin…or make you reach for a drink. Sometimes, a solid cocktail is just what you need after a week of lectures and sleepless nights (and yes, you can absolutely say “This week feels so long” even if it’s only Monday).

What better way to booze it up than by honoring the cause of all your stress? The next time you raise your glass, have it filled with the cocktail that best describes your major. We’ve picked a few of our favorites:



The best way to honor a major built on mix-matching formulas is to undoubtedly have a cocktail that’s got it all. Gin, tequila, rum; you name it, the Long Island Iced Tea has it. So slip on that lab coat and get out your goggles, because you’re sure to have a good time following one of these babies. Just remember: pre-gaming a 4 hour lab involving dangerous chemicals and glass objects is probably not the greatest idea, so enjoy this afterwards to celebrate your freedom.


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Admit it, Econ majors. You have more than once dreamed of being the next Wolf of Wall Street (or simply being near Leonardo DiCaprio). You might as well unwind before living a life watching NASDAQ, so prep your presence in the big league of banking with a New Yorker. Think of it as a nod to your future self.


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Feel like a history lesson? Embrace the past and mix together the oldest recorded cocktail in history. The Sazerac dates back to 1850’s New Orleans. This may not be the tastiest of cocktails by today’s standards, but hey, here’s to living like the olden days.


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Mind Eraser. This one’s a no-brainer.


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The English major is a curious creature. You can find them typing away in a Starbucks with angst, or perhaps flipping the pages of 900 page novels with frightening ease. They’re those people who, when it comes down to a vote, pick the 10-page essay over the multiple-choice exam. When at a cocktail party, they make every conversation sound more eloquent than it should be. And for that, they earn themselves the ever classy dry martini.


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“Hail to the chief” with your drink, dear Gov majors. You’re the one ready to jump into any political discussion and turn it into a debate. You desperately wish you could have a cold one with Obama (in fact, you TiVo his addresses). You enjoy baseball because it’s “America’s Pastime.” Cheers to the fact that you ooze patriotism and can show it with a Red, White and Blue. ‘Murica.

abigail wilkins


You are the boss. You wake up in the morning and say, “Hey, I’m ready to run this sh*t.” You wear a suit when you most certainly don’t have to, but no one cares to question it. You plan on climbing the corporate ladder, and when you reach that CEO level, stare out your corner-office window with a Scotch Highball in hand because you can.


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Think Tonys, Emmys, Oscars. You know you want to stroll down that red carpet rubbing shoulders with Jennifer Lawrence (who wouldn’t?). Even though everyone tells you your chances are small, you aren’t afraid to dream big. Rehearse your trophy acceptance speech while you enjoy the sweet taste of a Hollywood at the after-party.


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What better way to celebrate your major than by admiring the human body? In alcoholic form, anyway. Anatomy is a lovely thing, so sip a Fuzzy Navel and ignore the name. Because hey, you’re a Bio major and you damn well deserve any drink you want for that reason alone.


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