Clinton Hall is known for having an amazing selection of burgers and beer, over the top stacks of waffles, games like cornhole and Jenga, and a relaxed, but pretty fun vibe. I would know—I used to live in an apartment above it. Once notably known for being the happy hour spot for Wall Street bros (and my roommates), early this year, the gastropub struck internet fame after its Famous Doughnut Grilled Cheese went viral.

According to the menu, the sandwich (if that's what you'd even consider this thing) is made with "a fresh glazed doughnut, cut in half, inverted to keep the glaze in tact, grilled with heaps of fresh mozzarella cheese and suspended over a hot bowl of tomato soup." Yeah, let that sink in for a moment.

If you're nearly drooling, or more likely looking up the distance between you and Clinton Hall, keep listening. 

Photo courtesy of Jessica Hirsch

This week Clinton Hall teamed up with Sugar Factory Artisanal Donuts and Coffee Bar to create a NEW miracle of a sandwich for their menu. Behold, the Sour Cream n' Onion Doughnut Grilled Cheese.

Video courtesy of Jessica Hirsch, GIF created by Ellie Conley

It's made with a 24-hour raised scallion-filled doughnut with a sour cream glaze, filed with melty sharp cheddar cheese that oozes out as it hangs over a steamy bowl of potato soup. #BessUp. 

Video courtesy of Jessica Hirsch, GIF created by Ellie Conley

Created by Sugar Factory’s Corporate Executive Pastry Chef Max Santiago and Clinton Hall’s Darryl Harmon, this doughnut grilled cheese is a must eat.

You can order this baby up at any of Clinton Hall's three Manhattan locations for $15. Honestly, if not for the good eats, it's worth it for the likes you'll get on your Instagram.