One of the biggest wake-up calls I had when going to college was the fact that I actually had to clean my room. Now that I'm living in an apartment, that means I have to clean my room and my bathroom and kitchen and living get the picture. Cleaning is not my favorite thing the world to do but it is necessary. 

The holidays are right around the corner and that means lots of celebrating is on the horizon. With Friendsgiving and White Elephant parties that I'm already planning, cleaning is something I am thinking about. Hosting people at my apartment is one of my favorite things but the clean up the day after can be overwhelming. 

I'm trying to use more non-toxic ingredients in my life. Do you know how many chemicals are in everyday items we use? Like face wash, cleaning supplies, detergent, etc.?! Little by little I have challenged myself to take steps towards living life a little cleaner and more sustainably. I've found some really amazing cleaning supplies that not only do the job but I know aren't harming me or the planet. 

Here's a list of my favorite non-toxic cleaning supplies that'll ensure a quick clean-up post-holiday festivities.

1. Force of Nature

Force of Nature is a really ingenious gadget (AKA cleaning appliance) that uses electricity to convert salt, water, and vinegar (from the capsule) into an all-natural multi-purpose cleaner that’s just as effective as bleach without the toxic chemicals, dyes, and allergens. The cleaner is created by electrolyzed water that takes about nine minutes to kills all the germs. It's my new favorite gadget and way to clean my whole apartment. If you're looking to invest in a cleaner home and a better environment, Force of Nature is for you.

2. Helias Oils Calm Blend

Not exactly a cleaning supply but an essential oil blend to purify the air throughout your room and/or apartment. Helias Oils is my favorite essential oil brand because I know I can trust that they are using the purest oils and their blends smell amazing. My favorite cleaning scent to fill the room with is their Calm blend which makes me feel a little less anxious about the mess I have to clean up.

3. Seventh Generation Disinfecting Wipes

Need something quick to clean up a mess? These non-toxic disinfecting wipes are my favorite for when I'm in a pinch. I use these Seventh Generation brands when cleaning up the counters and stovetop after cooking. But, they are also great to clean all surfaces when you're feeling too lazy to get the spray and washcloth out.

4. Mrs. Meyers Dish Soap

Mrs. Meyers is one of my favorite non-toxic brands–their soaps and detergents smell amazing and do a fantastic job of leaving my life a little bit cleaner. Their dish soap is always on stock under my kitchen sink.

5. Three Bluebirds Swedish Dish Cloth

This ingenious "dishcloth" looks more like a sponge but is machine-washable and great way to reduce your waste. They are reusable and washable up to 200 times–that's a lot of cleaning! One dishcloth absorbs 20X its weight and will replace 17 rolls of paper towels. We love being more sustainable.

Products like these, for me, make cleaning a little more fun and it makes me feel good that I'm able to do something go for my body and for the environment while doing the mindless task of cleaning. Happy holiday season, friends and happy cleaning!