No, this is not a drill: Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Lucky Charms Instant Oatmeal is so. Very. Real.

Earlier this year General Mills released an only-marshmallow packet of Lucky Charms for those who are still kids at heart (or just can't get enough of those 'mallows), but now the company is back for yet another sweet surprise.

The Facts

General Mills announced their brand new, *limited edition* Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Lucky Charms instant oatmeal. The items are going to be available in stores for eight weeks at $2.66 a piece (in USD, that is). Think your favorite cereal, just a more acceptable way to eat it everyday.

But don't get too excited! Unless you live in or near Canada, this product isn't available to you...yet. If you are lucky enough to though, General Mills is assuring that you can find both flavors of oatmeal at your local grocery store.

How To Get It

Even though American's aren't able to get this new product yet, there is hope for those who don't want to travel to Canada just for oatmeal. If you're really passionate about turning your favorite cereal into an instant breakfast, you can call General Mills at their hotline (1-800-248-7310) and kindly ask for a possible release in the United States (I'm sure we would all appreciate it). But if you're not willing to wait, eBay seller futuresoul can have a brand new packet of the Lucky Charms flavor delivered to your doorstep within a week.

With recipes like Lucky Charm and Cinnamon Toast Crunch pancakes making me even more excited for a possible taste of this oatmeal, I can confidently say that I have no doubt that American's will be able to experience these new products soon. But I think it's safe to say that we're all jealous of Canada right now: after all, they have Justin Trudeau, Drake, and now a delicious new line of instant oatmeals