The stocking is possibly my favorite thing to open on Christmas Day. Filled with fun little trinkets and even better, candy, it's always been a mystery what you'll find each year. From my own experience and after asking around, here are some of our favorite treats we found in our stocking when we were kids.

1. Candy Canes

sweet, chocolate, candy
Margaret Weinberg

Of course I had to include candy canes, I mean what's Christmas without candy canes? You probably received these in your stocking as a child, and maybe you still do. You know you want them.

2. Chocolate Santas

Chocolate Santas

david__jones on Flickr

Like the chocolates that look like Santa on the outside and an unidentified blob of chocolate on the inside. Yup, those. Oddly shaped but still delicious.

3. Lindor Truffles

chocolate, candy
Rachel Ferreira

Anyone else with me on this one? I've always received Lindor truffles in my stocking and they're hands-down my favorite part. Something about these smooth textured truffles is delicious at age 4 and at age 19.

4. Reese's Cup Trees

Another Christmas treat that look perfect on the outside and are secretly just an unidentified blob on the inside. Except this blob has a peanut butter filling and nothing makes a child happier than chocolate and peanut butter.

5. Santa Pez

Katherine O'Malley

Not just any pez, but pez shaped like the Santa man himself. Remember just how satisfying it was to pluck the little piece of candy out from his head? To be honest, it was probably even more satisfying than the candy itself, which who knows what it's made of.

6. Candy Lipsticks

I used to get these a lot at arcades for an unreasonably large amount of tickets. They make great stocking stuffers too and make me extremely nostalgic.

7. Fun Dip

Fun Dip

Timothy Tolle on Flickr

Who knew that dipping sugar in sugar could make a kid so happy, am I right? That's a joke. If you didn't know that you've obviously never met a child before.

8. Chocolate Coins

Chocolate Coins

OC Always on Flickr

The two best things in the world, chocolate and money, combined into one. Also kidding (or am I?).

9. Wonderballs

Yessss. These were my all-time favorite nostalgic childhood treat. Something about biting into a chocolate ball and finding little shaped candies inside was the most amazing thing to 8-year-old me. Finding these on Christmas Day was a dream come true every time.

10. Albert's Ice Cubes

Another thing I commonly bought at the corner candy store in town. These are so amazingly good, and you can fit so many of them in your stocking!

11. Candy-Filled Plastic Candy Canes

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Katherine O'Malley

What's better than a regular candy cane? A huge candy cane made of plastic and filled with tons of candy. Pure gold to any kid out there.

12. Nerds Rope

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Katherine O'Malley

Wow, throwback, am I right? As sketchy as this candy is (think about it, a rope of tiny candy dots), it's very appealing to kids and fits perfectly in a stocking.

13. Mini M&M's Tube

sweet, candy
Camilla Baker

We all know that the best part of this treat is when you finished them and then got to play nonstop with the tube. Popping it off and on and off and on. Plus something about the tiny size of these M&M's is delicious and extremely nostalgic of my childhood days.

All of these treats and more are a joy to find in your stocking on Christmas day regardless of how old you are (take note Santa).