I am personally a huge fan of the Fifty Shades series. Yes, it's super controversial, and no, you may not like it, but I can't deny that I adore the twisted, nearly constantly blush-worthy, thrilling love story that is Christian and Anastasia's. The heart wants what it wants, okay?

Given this, you can imagine how excited I was when I saw the second official Fifty Shades Darker trailer for the first time. I literally had goosebumps from the start to the finish, absolutely no exaggeration. But let's talk about that dinner scene and all the thoughts that ran through my head in 26 seconds.

Hot damn.

Literally for the three seconds the camera focuses on Christian in his suit, looking all dapper, that's all I could think about. Jamie Dornan, you are one handsome man. So handsome. Sigh.

Oh. Oh my.

But then he says those three words: "Take 'em off." Woah. Like, seriously, woah. That kind of demand in a public restaurant, with many people around... After thinking about it, I wasn't surprised that Christian asked. However, I was surprised at the way that Ana responded. 

This girl has some lady balls the size of Texas.

When Ana gives him a challenging stare, I froze. 'There's no way,' I thought. Then she does it. She takes off her underwear at dinner, in a fancy public restaurant, where anyone could see. Raise your hand if you're blushing at the moment.

Don't worry, me too. My eyebrows shot up so high, I think they became one with my hairline for a second there. Ana's got some serious lady balls, that's for sure.

Is it hot in here?

And just when you thought it was over, the elevator ride down from the restaurant happens. Christian bends down to "tie his shoe," wink wink, if you know what I mean. Lets just say that his hands don't stay at his side on his way back up. I'll take an ice cold glass of water and a fan, please.

As a whole, the trailer was amazing. I've read the books multiple times, so I'm very well aware of the plot development. Taking this into consideration, it was done so well that it was like I was learning the story for the first time. They came out of that two year hiatus with guns blazing.

I, along with most of the female population, now know what I'm doing for Valentine's Day 2017.