Chrissy Teigen re-launched her food website, Delushious, and it is just as awesome as you thought it’d be. Known for always killing the Twitter game and her general hilarity, Teigen has once again demonstrated that she’s the celebrity you should have the biggest friend crush on.

The front page of her website is a picture of her posted up in her kitchen (looking flawless, as usual) with her dogs. The candid nature of this photo makes you feel like you just wandered into one of your closest girlfriend’s kitchens.

But what really makes her homepage killer is her slogan: “Personal random ramblings from a girl who loves bacon and can’t be fat.” There is something so refreshing about a model who does not take herself too seriously.

The recipes are where this site really gets good. The featured recipes have “ramblings” of personal stories as promised and the occasional (or not so occasional) expletive for emphasis.

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I was immediately sold on the Cheesy Guacamole. As a self-proclaimed guac expert, I am unsure how this never occurred to me before. This new variation will fill the void in my life that I was unaware existed. Just when you thought cheesy guacamole could not possibly get better, Teigen shares with her readers the original source of the recipe: an ex-boyfriend’s dad. Her frankness and willingness to poke fun gives every recipe an amusing and intimate feel.


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These are recipes even the most domestically-challenged person can understand—no fancy terminology that requires google-ing how to’s. John Legend’s lady inserts her own personal advice and sassy anecdotes. From “Things I’m Good at Cooking” to “Super Bowl Specials,” these are recipes that will impress your snobbiest friend and please your pickiest eaters. She even makes preparing a whole Herb Stuffed Branzino seem easy.

I mean come on

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I only have one criticism for Teigen and “Delushious.” Give us more! 16 recipes are not enough. No other food blog can rival the impeccable balance between the sophistication of these recipes and the casual and hilarious presentation. I will be anxiously awaiting more Teigen creations!

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