Last week in Chrissy Teigen doing hilarious things: She brought an emotional support scalloped potato casserole onto an American Airlines flight with her. True to Chrissy fashion, the cookbook author and John Legend's number one troll live-Tweeted the entire experience, starting with a shout out to American Airlines asking if her casserole would be allowed onto the flight. And carry-on goals were made.

What Went Down

The Twitter pro has had some seriously unfortunate travel luck in the past (an eight hour flight to nowhere, anyone?), and with all of the headlines made about a United Airlines passenger's emotional support peacock being turned away, I don't blame her for wanting to be sure that her precious cargo would make it. 

Luckily, the entire Twittersphere exists only to serve Chrissy and her hilarious adventures, so all of us who were hovering on the edge of our seats to find out the fate of this delicious casserole didn't have to wait for long. Within a few hours, both American Air and AskTSA had answered her pressing questions. 

This request for the unconventional (but brilliant) carry-on comes at a time when airlines are facing controversy for the way they handle emotional support animals, with one woman even reporting that she was encouraged to flush her hamster down the toilet while trying to bring it aboard. Whether or not these PR nightmares influenced the response to Chrissy's casserole, hearts rejoiced on Twitter when those sweet, creamy potatoes didn't meet the same fate. 

How The Casserole Was Made

If this was anyone else's emotional support casserole—but then again, who other than Chrissy Teigen would rock an emotional support casserole—the fun might have ended here. Thankfully, this is Chrissy we're talking about so she proceeded to bless us with a video of how the scalloped potatoes were made, a photo of the finished product, and even footage of the casserole going through security.

If I make this casserole at home will it come with the puppy, too? Asking for a friend. 

The supermodel turned cookbook author has over 9 million followers on Twitter and Snapchat who are treated to daily videos of what she and her family are making on any given day. Between the adorable Snaps of her and John Legend's daugther, Luna, and their meals, it's hard not to be both in love and starving by the time you get to the end of her posts. 

After what I assume was the most enjoyable flight, both Chrissy and the emotional support casserole safely made it to their destination. Unlike an emotional support animal, she didn't even have to buy it its own seat, and it probably smells way better, too (sorry dogs and peacocks) .

To top off the wild ride of the emotional support casserole, Chrissy recently wrote a post for POPSUGAR about her own scalloped potato casserole recipe, encouraging readers to make their own carry-on goals a reality. It was rated the number one recipe from her cookbook, "Cravings," and that status has definitely been solidified by this weekend's events.