Pillsbury chocolate chip cookies are incredibly easy to make. The best part of these cookies is that you don't have to buy any other ingredients. All you have to do is cut slices, place them on a pan, and pop them in the oven. The question is, which one is worth waiting for those grueling 12 minutes for them to come out of the oven?

Emilie Marsaudon

#1 The classic chocolate chip cookie

These cookies are so amazing. They are just chocolatey enough that you get that sweet fix, but not overly chocolatey that you can only eat one. Granted, I can eat a lot of cookies, but these provide optimal yumminess any time of the day. You can never go wrong with a classic. With that said, there are two other kinds of chocolate chip cookies heading your way. 

Emilie Marsaudon

#2 The milk chocolate chip cookie

Don't get me wrong, these are really good. But, unless you have a killer sweet tooth, it is hard to eat more than a few. The cookie itself is super soft and yummy, but I prefer the classic chocolate chip. But, who am I to judge? If you have a super sweet tooth, rock it and eat the whole roll of cookies.  

Emilie Marsaudon

#3 The chunky chocolate chip cookie

The ratio of chocolate to cookie is just slightly off in these cookies. The giant chunks of chocolate are just a bit much for my taste, but they were still quite delicious. 

These are just the chocolate chip cookies that Pillsbury offers. There are many other chocolate chip cookies out there, but for convenience and yumminess factor, Pillsbury is an amazing choice. 

I'm a sucker for most cookies. I love Pillsbury cookies as much as the next person, but if you want to make your own here is a great recipe for classic chocolate chip cookies. Everyone says homemade is better, but when you are rushed for time, or simply impatient, Pillsbury takes the cake.