Do you hate vegetables? Are you looking for innovative, pain-free ways to eat your greens? Although shoving raw kale down your throat is an option (especially if you need the extra fiber), chlorophyll drops will allow you to eat your greens without actually eating them. 

How do you use it?

Adding a few drops of chlorophyll to your water will turn your water bright alien green. Chlorophyll also has vitamins A, C, E, K and more, while "regular" water no daily vitamins. It also contains antioxidants that protect the body from free radicals, and speed up healing process in wounds. 

Weight loss?

It's important to note that chlorophyll water isn't a meal replacement, and should only act as a supplement for your body. However, I did notice that it curbed my appetite a bit.

Immediate results?

Chlorophyll also acts as a natural laxative—I usually go to the bathroom within the first 30 minutes of drinking it (don't be surprised if your stool is deep green). Chlorophyll also replenishes red blood cells. Since I am slightly anemic, I noticed that for my body, I was taking less and less iron pills. It also controls body order, and stabilizes blood sugar levels. 

Is it necessary?

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Katherine Baker

You can get chlorophyll from vegetables such as arugula, leeks, kale, and parsley. But instead of eating excess calories with the vegetables and salad dressings, I drink the 0 calorie chlorophyll water without the stress of having to hit the gym from eating salads drowned in ranch. 

How much is too much?

Anything in excess is detrimental. I put just 3 drops of concentrated chlorophyll into my 20 oz Klean Kanteen water bottle twice a day. For those who have trouble popping pills, chlorophyll water could help you boost your vitamin levels without the struggle. Drinking too much can cause diarrhea, and digestive problems. You should always talk to your doctor before drinking it while on medications. 

What does it taste like? 

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Krista D'Archi

I noticed a slight taste change in my water. Although subtle, it has a pleasant minty note, and I actually prefer this over regular water. You can always buy flavored chlorophyll water from brands such as VerDay, but you could also just add a few drops to virtually any beverage. (I love it in my juice!)

Long-term benefits?

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Carolyne Su

You will ultimately feel/see a difference in bones, digestive health (which I am already seeing 1 month in), skin, and vital organs. Chlorophyll also lessens threats of arthritis, colon cancer, and more. 

Where can I buy it?

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Amanda Ryvkin

You can try chlorophyll water before buying the concentrate at stores like Whole Foods, Pressed Juicery, or your local juice bar. If you get sick of paying a lot of money for a small bottle of green water, I recommend purchasing your very own drops at a local health store or Amazon. Depending on how much you use, the concentrate can last you months, or possibly years.  

Getting enough greens into our student diet is hard. But with the help of chlorophyll water, we can boost our energy, antioxidant levels, and health without the pain of eating vegetables!