When I was in college, Chipotle was the place to be. It was what got us through a busy week, it was what we looked forward to, it was the reason to get off campus and get a breath of fresh air (and eat a burrito as big as your head). Whenever you went, you could count on running into at least 5-10 other people you knew because it brought people together.

Unfortunately, since I've graduated, Chipotle has had some *ahem* problems. I'm not talking about the minor "sorry for accidentally giving you black beans when you ordered pinto beans" problems, I'm talking "sorry you're on your death bed because we gave you E. coli" problems. 

And now, Chipotle is back at it again with the lawsuits and I can't help but shake my head. According to one source, three customers from California are suing Chipotle for lying about the calorie count in their chorizo burrito.

Those filing the class action lawsuit claim anyone who ate one of the burritos was "lulled into a false belief" that the burritos were "healthier than they really are."

I mean, I get it, I have trust issues too. I like to think someone you date for two years isn't going to cheat on you (wrong), and I like to think when I order McNuggets at 2 am I'm legitimately getting chicken, but that's not always the case either.

Those three customers aren't the only ones calling BS on Chipotle, though. Some people took to Twitter to express their disbelief.

I know, the sad emojis are real. 

GrubStreet reports a burrito like those pictured above would clock in at around 955 calories according to Chipotle's very own nutrition calculator—which is over three times the amount cited on the sign. Again, Chipotle, SMH.

Now I'm all for #treatingyoself, but a girl's at least gotta know WHEN she's treating herself. But really, if anyone actually thought an entire Chipotle burrito was only 300 calories, the joke is on you. Sorry not sorry.