Chipotle took their sweet time to finally make a big announcement. After hinting at this months ago, Chipotle finally announced a dessert addition to their menu and has officially released what this dessert will be. They are called buñuelos, and we know, this is kind of a big deal.

What exactly are these new sweet treats?

Buñuelos are deep fried tortillas that will be topped with cinnamon sugar and a sweet honey and are served with an apple dipping sauce. Sounds pretty good doesn't it? No matter how full you really are after a Chipotle burrito, you'll have to make room for these sugary goodies.

Is this Chipotle's way of winning us back after their E. Coli outbreak? Because if so, it's working. Catch these desserts in Chipotles near you in the upcoming month. 

And while we may never get queso, we finally got a dessert to fill that empty part in our stomachs and in our hearts.

Just when you thought Chipotle couldn't get any better, it did. Keep it coming Chipotle.