It's only Tuesday and I'm already exhausted. I'm not alone either—like four of my friends sent me Snaps of them up at 3 am last night of casual selfies because they couldn't sleep. Seriously, what did this time change to do us? Well, if you're already over today, here's something that might wake you up: Chili's has a deal on their next level margs today.

Technically, today, March 13, is Chili's birthday. But, they've never publicly let us in on this detail or publicly celebrated it until now, so don't worry if you haven't written on their Facebook wall yet. In honor of the day, they're offering guests specifically Presidente Margaritas for just $3.13 all. day. long. This is the lowest they've ever offered them up for.

They're worth every 313 pennies, too. The Presidente Margarita is a regular margarita, with the addition of Presidente Brandy, and "shaken precisely 25 times on the way to the table," according to a Chili's press release. That seems excessive to me, but I'm also not one to hide my #extra. 

So put down your afternoon coffee and sneak out for a midday (or I guess if you have to wait until after work, an evening) marg. A couple of these and I promise, you'll be sleeping well tonight, my friends.