I don’t mean to be boring and hop aboard the “OMG breakfast is amazing” train, but real talk: breakfast is amazing. It can be sweet or salty or spicy or really whatever you want it to be; it usually requires minimal effort; and it is the only correct way to start the day. I fondly remember my mother making me breakfast in the morning (confession: she still does when I go home), but now, the responsibility is mine. In honor of nostalgia, here are some of my childhood breakfast favorites, all grown-up. And no, I will not judge you if you make these for brinner (breakfast-for-dinner, obviously).

1. So Molly kind of stole my thunder with her awesome post about ways to top your Eggo, but I thought I’d share my favorite way to eat Eggos anyway. In an attempt to be healthy and an adult (ha), I’ve replaced the Eggo with a whole-wheat Van’s waffle. Throw some Greek yogurt, berries and/or other fruit, chopped nuts, and maple syrup on there, and you truly have a breakfast of champions.

Childhood Breakfast

Photo courtesy of www.pillsbury.com

2. Remember those variety packs of Quaker instant oatmeal? The best flavor was indisputably Apples & Cinnamon. But those weird tiny apple pieces in it seem a little meek now. Make your own by cooking some oats (steel-cut or rolled) in a pot and adding a handful of diced apples to the pot a few minutes before the oatmeal is done cooking.  Add a splash of almond milk, maple syrup, cinnamon and walnuts and serve.

Childhood Breakfast

Photo courtesy of www.efoodsdirect.com

3. For a more savory option, dress up your Toad in the Hole. Cut a three inch hole in a slice of bread, melt a teaspoon of butter in a skillet, add the bread to the pan, then crack an egg into the hole. Cook on both sides till the yolk is just set. Add some slices of tomato and some good cheddar on top and stick the bread under the boiler until the cheese gets browned and bubble, about a minute or so. Weep with happiness.

Childhood Breakfast

Photo courtesy of myretrokitchen.blogspot.com

You can thank me later for these delightful twists on old classics. I just have one request: leave the sugary breakfast cereal as is. Don’t mess with Lucky Charms or Cocoa Crispies, because bad things will happen to you.