We can all admit that Chick-fil-A has the most polite servers in the fast food industry. Adorned in red and usually barring a smile, it will always be “their pleasure” to serve you and survive all the stuff we Chick-fil-A lovers put them through.

My friend worked at Chick-fil-A most of his high school career and I was lucky to hear all of the absurd things people ask for on a daily basis. So here’s the list of Chick-fil-A no-nos.

1. Eating half your meal and THEN informing them something is wrong.

I will admit that, occasionally, they do get an order wrong. Maybe you get some burnt fries or a kale salad instead of a fruit bowl. However, you should not eat half the wrong meal before returning it to them and demanding that it be fixed. They will certainly honor your order but do not take advantage of the situation.

2. Asking for one specific fruit in your fruit bowl. 

It is called a fruit bowl for a reason and it will always come with an assortment of fruit. Mom always said if you don’t like something, take a no-thank-you bite, and then just eat around it. But really, think about it – how many fruit bowls does Chick-fil-A serve in a day? Way too many for them to handpick your fruit for you.

2. Ordering one item but asking for seven sauces.

I’m guilty, I know, but I will openly admit that I hoard Chick-fil-A sauce. But at least when I’m ordering, I usually get enough food to warrant the sauce. And they’re all so good, how do you pick? But my friend said it always bugged him when someone would order a small fry and then ask for every sauce they offer. You’d be annoyed too having to grab each of those little packets.

4. Waiting to dig out exact change until you are at the window. 


This is just common courtesy. There is a line forming behind you and you have plenty of time between ordering and pulling up to the window. I understand if you did not hear your server the first time but maybe just ask again.

While we are on the subject, if the person in front of you pays for your meal, please pass it on and do the same. Even a poor college student can pay for a sandwich and free meals and make the world a better place – I promise.

5. Ordering your sandwich with no butter, no salt, no pickle, and a well-done patty on a multi-grain bun.


Being picky works when you are in a full-service restaurant but y’all this is fast food, and when you are making changes, that slows everything down. I get the no pickle or add cheese but past that means the kitchen has to stop their flow and make that specific sandwich. We all know that they have their menu items at the ready and fresh for your order and they want to accommodate you as much as they can, but don’t get crazy.

6. Talking on your phone while trying to order.

First of all, if you’re on a Bluetooth headset, you’re just confusing everyone. Secondly, no one wants to hear your private phone call with your sister about Jannie’s inflamed bellybutton. Try to end your phone call or at least put them on hold. Working the register is a hard job, and when you have rude customers, the job is that much harder. This is a life lesson for y’all. Take it to heart and everyone you encounter will be very thankful.

7. Adding to your order at the window. 

Alright, I know sometimes you forgot you wanted that large fry instead of the medium, or your hungover, still-in-bed friend calls just as you finish ordering and says if she doesn’t get a chicken sandwich she will “literally” die, but try to avoid this one. If you’ve got to, just be polite when you add on to your order and remember to be patient – they’re doing their best.

8. Not knowing what you want when you get to the register

Unless this is your first time laying eyes on a Chick-fil-A menu, it really should not take you that long. Come on people, the restaurant has chicken in its name. Chicken is what you order and if you do not like chicken, you have definitely come to the wrong place. We all know the lines are usually insufferably long, so ladies and gents, know your order, keep it short, and we will all be better for it.

Hopefully this list has enlightened y’all and you will remember it for your next trip to Chick-fil-A. But don’t worry too much because it will always be “their pleasure.”