It’s that time of year again: the river is moments away from being dyed green and masses of colored glitter are already making an appearance. That’s right, it's St Patrick’s Day in Chicago. Another holiday, another excuse to eat, am I right?

Here are some of the top St Patrick's Day food spots in Chicago. Venture out if you're simply dying to discover what the city's culinary artists have to offer or if you want to indulge. It is the holidays after all; you have a free pass!

Public House

This venue turns the simplest foods into St Patrick’s Day delights. Start your morning off at the restaurant's Tap o' the Morn event, which is specifically organized for St Patrick's Day. There will be festive matcha mint green pancakes filled with lime, mint and an assortment of green ingredients. Other treats include the Patty Cake Shake, a magical treat with rainbow cake, Lucky Charms cereal and gold glitter on top. You’ll come out feeling very full and festive. The treats here are also photogenic, so you'll definitely want to bring both your phone and your friends to the experience. 


Can you really celebrate St Patrick’s Day in Chicago if you don’t know about this themed pop-up venue? Its menu, which is decorated festively in green Shamrocks and Irish flags, features dishes such as Saint’s Sliders or delicious Golden Coins that’ll be sure to bring you luck for the rest of the year. For those 21+, the pop-up has a variety of flavorful drinks, including the “Shamrock’d” and the “Pot o’ gold.” Both will help you channel the Irish spirit. To top it off, this venue is decorated elaborately to make you feel the spirit of the holiday. You will have never seen so much green! In every corner of the space, there is another shamrock or garland. You won't want to miss this! 

Galway Arms

Dust off the Shamrocks and make your way over to the Galway Arms, an Irish diner serving a full breakfast on top of many well-known Irish meals. Upon walking into the restaurant, you'll feel like you left the country. Starting your St. Patrick's Day celebration here will help you prepare for the hours ahead. Experiences will be filled with a multitude of photo opportunities and visiting different spots in the city. Make sure you always have a view of the river so you can watch as it is turned green.

Sweetwater Tavern and Grille 

If you're looking for a more classical take on St Patrick's Day food in Chicago, look no further that Sweetwater Tavern and Grille. Immerse yourself in traditional Irish food culture with a meal such as shepherd's pie or corned beef. While you're eating you can enjoy authentic Irish music, too.

The bottom line

Chicago is a great place to celebrate this Irish holiday. The city is filled with people in green, the food is delicious and plentiful, and the spirits are high. Enjoy your holiday and go check out some of these eateries. You won't be disappointed.