Whether you're a Chicago native or a tourist in our wonderful food-filled city, you have likely been faced with one of the biggest decisions of your life: Which. Donut. Do. I. Choose?! 

Fear not, fellow donut-lover! I, a self-proclaimed donut expert, am here to relieve you of your decision-making dilemma and tell you exactly what to order at some of Chicago's best donut shops. 

Stan's Donuts: Vanilla Sprinkled Cake

Even if you've never had a Stan's Donut in your life, chances are, you've heard of them. Stan's is a perfect place to stop if you're in the city and can't visit all of Chicago's donut shops, because they have a huge variety and they're all delicious. 

If you can only choose one, I say the Vanilla Sprinkled Cake donut is the way to go. It's simple, but life-changing. If you're in the mood for something a little more exciting, you can't go wrong with the Blueberry Old Fashioned. 

Glazed and Infused: Key Lime 

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Gabby Barnes

For the more adventurous folks out there, try this zesty donut next time you're in Chi-town. The Key Lime donut at Glazed and Infused is packed with lime flavor and stands out among the typical flavors. 

If the Key Lime donut isn't available, the Happy Birthday donut is tasty, Insta-worthy in all its sprinkled glory, and perfect for those with simpler tastes. 

Do-Rite Donuts: Chocolate Old Fashioned 

Although this donut might sound like a boring choice, I assure you, this donut is anything but boring. The Chocolate Old Fashioned from Do-Rite is by far the best classic donut in Chicago thanks to its rich chocolate and crispy, yet soft cake donut. 

#SpoonTip: The gluten-free donuts at Do-Rite are the best gluten-free donuts I've had. Like ever. 

BomboBar: Peanut Butter Fudge Bomboloni 

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Gabby Barnes

This Peanut Butter Fudge Bomboloni is truly like heaven inside a donut. What is a Bomboloni, you ask? A Bomboloni is an Italian hole-less doughnut, but at BomboBar, they come with tubes full of goodness for you to infuse your donut with.

If you're feeling something a little less decadent, their Apple Pie Bomboloni is a great alternative to the chocolate-infused options. 

Firecakes Donuts: Red Velvet  

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Gabby Barnes

Can't decide between a traditional and non-traditional flavor? Firecakes' Red Velvet donut is the best of both worlds. It's not overly rich, but it's still decadent enough to satisfy your sweet tooth. 

Looking for something fit for a chocoholic? The Triple Valrhona Chocolate Cake donut is for you! This donut is packed with chocolate inside and out, and the cake donut itself has a unique crunch that will leave you wanting another dozen. 

Doughnut Vault: Wedding Cake

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Gabby Barnes

Doughnut Vault is known in Chicago for being the adorably quaint place with awesome donuts, IF you can get there in time. Doughnut Vault closes up shop as soon as they run out and only have their specialty donuts on certain days. 

If you're lucky enough to get there on the right day before they run out, go for the Wedding Cake donut. It's sweet, soft and melt-in-your-mouth -- everything a donut should be. 

#SpoonTip: Check their website for a list of each day's donuts. 

There's no debating it: if you're a donut-lover, Chicago is the place for you. With thousands of donuts to choose from, hopefully this list has made it a little easier for you to pick your sugary poison. Happy tasting!