The 2016 Presidential Election took a toll on everyone, even chefs and food writers. 

First We Feast noticed that following the results of the election, many chefs were taking to Twitter to express their sentiment over the outcome. Danish chef René Redzepi tweeted that he woke up to a number of applications from American chefs inquiring to work at his restaurant, Noma, in Denmark. 

Whether or not that's true, it's still slightly unsettling to hear. Other chefs expressed their thoughts on the results such as David Cheng and Anthony Zimmern.

Just days previous to the election, Chef José Andrés wrote a moving piece on Eater about what his vote means to him as an immigrant to the US. He writes:

"It gave me a big sense of pride, a feeling that my vote was more than just putting a piece of paper into a computer: that I was letting my voice be heard. Casting a vote is one of the biggest feelings of freedom we can experience as humans."

After the results, he had the right idea by tweeting about giving away free tacos, which we can all agree brings people together.

Food Network star, Bobby Flay, tried to add some humor about the current political situation by tweeting about how he'll miss the SNL skits. Don't worry, Bobby, I'm sure there will be plenty more in the future.

But the Food Network's Troy Johnson made a good point by tweeting that Alec Baldwin just landed four years of job security. Touché.

At least we can have some faith in Food Network star Alton Brown. He took to Snapchat to share his Election Steak recipe, which apparently he cooks when the polls close after every election. In his Snap, he says, "This year, I'm using sirloin steak because it can be a little tough, and let's face it, this election has been tough."

While thoughts and talk of leaving the country in hopes of escaping the current political outcome, it's important to remember that this is our country. As President Obama said in his post-election speech, we can still make a difference.