The holidays are approaching, and many people are sick of being in the kitchen after spending the last few months preparing meals at home in quarantine. And even if you love to cook, maybe you're on the hunt for new recipes or are tired of the same traditional Thanksgiving dishes that you prepare every year. Instagram is an excellent resource for all things food, and has proven to be an effective platform for people to connect with other culinary enthusiasts and share their favorite recipes, or take advice from professionally trained chefs. Keep scrolling to see my master list of chefs and bloggers that every foodie should follow, especially if you're in need of some inspiration in the kitchen this holiday season!

Food Bloggers

Blogs have been around for years, but now many people have taken to Instagram and simply use the social media site as their platform to share enticing photos and recipes. I really admire food influencers because they are typically just normal people who have turned their passion for cooking (and eating) into something so amazing. Below are some of my go-to food accounts when I need ideas for hearty dinners, crowd-pleasing desserts, or easy snacks. Most of the people on this list have websites that you can visit for more information, and many also have their own cookbooks! Additionally, take a moment to appreciate their incredible food photography skills, because these pictures will definitely make your mouth water. 

Tieghan Gerard: @halfbakedharvest

Jillian Glenn: @peanutbutterandjillybeans


Tessa Arias: @handletheheat

Jenny Flake: @pickypalate

Joanna Cismaru: @jocooks

Gabriela Rodiles: @gourmet_gab

Elaine Khodzhayan: @andachocolatedrizzle

Julianne Bayer: @beyondfrosting

Samantha Merritt: @sugarspun_sam

Arman Liew: @thebigmansworld

Sally McKenney: @sallysbakeblog


The culinary world has become an integral part of mainstream media thanks to popular cooking shows like Chopped and Top Chef. Many people feel like they actually know the contestants on these programs, since they spend so much time working with surprising ingredients or competing in crazy challenges on our television screens each week. And thanks to social media, it is easy to root for them and appreciate their food creations even after their time on the show has concluded. The Insta-famous chefs below use their platform to showcase some of their signature dishes in their home kitchens, give followers a glimpse into what goes on behind the scenes at their restaurants, and walk you through their daily personal lives. 

Brooke Williamson: @chefbrookew 

Eitan Bernath: @eitan

Kristen Tomlan: @kristentomlan

Molly Yeh: @mollyyeh

Amanda Freitag: @chefamandaf

Alex Guarnaschelli: @guarnaschelli

Bobby Flay: @bobbyflay

Adrienne Cheatham: @chefadriennecheatham

Katie Lee Biegel: @katieleebiegel

Antonia Lofaso: @chefantonia

Carrie Baird: @chefcarrieb

Richard Blais: @richardblais

Miscellaneous Food Related Accounts

If you're interested in all aspects of cooking, then these are the accounts for you. Many feature chefs on their page and frequently post recipes or video tutorials, promote different tools or techniques, and share information about food-related events. 

New York Times Cooking: @nytcooking

Bon Appetit Magazine: @bonappetitmag

America's Test Kitchen: @testkitchen

Tastemade: @tastemade

Food Network: @foodnetwork

Taste of Home: @tasteofhome

Food 52: @food52

Buzzfeed Tasty: @buzzfeedtasty

Epicurious: @epicurious

Are there any food blogs that you swear by, or chefs that you love to follow on social media? Let me know in the comments, or on Instagram @maurainthecity!