It’s time you learn the secret: anyone can construct a delicious and affordable cheese plate. You included. Take a hint from these cheese plates for absolutely any occasion.

The Anytime, Anywhere Combo

Cheese: Gouda

On: Carr’s Table Water Crackers and Oblong Water Crackers

Pair with: sliced apple or hazelnuts

Spice it up with: apple chutney (shown)


Photo by Arlo Gordon

Both of these delicate crackers pair well with Gouda’s flavor and are fit for any toppings you choose!

The Classic Spanish Combo

Cheese: Manchego

On: Carr’s Cream Crackers (rich) and English Wafer Crackers (light and savory)

Pair with: thinly sliced prosciutto, dates, or apples


Photo by Arlo Gordon


The Gourmet Flavor Combo

Cheese: Goat cheese

On: Carr’s Whole Wheat Crackers (sweet) or Carr’s Oyster Crackers (light and savory)

Pair with: red grapes or dark chocolate


Photo by Arlo Gordon

Feeling adventurous? Try boucheron goat cheese with goat milk caramel, (available at Whole Food’s Market South Street) for a sweet and savory treat. We had it at our bomb Wine & Cheese partyand needless to say it was love at first bite.

Now go to the grocery store and indulge your senses like the classy student you are.


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