Cheese is something that is typically associated as being paired with wine, but have you ever heard of a cheese brunch? Nope, neither have I until Cacique came around into my life. While this isn't necessarily synonymous with the cheesy dish that The Smith is known for aka their mac and cheese, everything that Cacique has to offer certainly comes close to it; and the nice thing about Cacique is that you don't even need to leave your location of residence (aka your bedroom) to indulge in a cheese brunch. Here's what I mean. 

What to know about Cacique

Cacique is a Mexican-styled cheese, cream, and chorizos company that has been making said Hispanic ingredients for over four decades. The nice thing about Cacique is that any and all dishes can be upgraded with their products, including a basic egg sandwich (which still seems a little too sophisticated for me to make on my own, but ok). Going off of upgrading a basic egg sandwich, Cacique's CaciqueOaxaca is a great substitution for regular American cheese due to its mellow, buttery flavor.  Another nice thing about Cacique's CaciqueOaxaca is that it can be utilized in Cacique's Griddled Oaxaca Cheese Sandwiches with Ham & Fried Egg, which is curated by the one and only award-winning chef and TV personality Aarón Sánchez

Is there anything else to know?

In addition to Cacique's CaciqueOaxacaCacique has an array of authentic cheeses, shredded cheese, cremas, meats, beverages, and sopes de la casa to choose from on their website. The Cacique website also has an abundance of recipes to utilize for everyday cooking, which in a sense is nice in case you're someone like myself and are not the proud owner of any form of cookbook whatsoever. Speaking of recipes, Cacique has a feature on their website where anyone (including you) can submit a Cacique inspired recipe to the company for them to feature on the actual site. 

From a values/moral standpoint, Cacique has something known as their four pillars (family, integrity, quality, and authenticity) in which they state their missions and visions for the company under those four pillars. If you're wondering why this would matter when you probably clicked on this article to read about cheese, this matters since when purchasing products, 7 in 10 millennials consider a company's values when doing such, which on the surface might not seem that deep, but makes a huge difference in the grand scheme of things. Think of how much cheese would go un-purchased otherwise if people were just buying cheese to buy cheese because they simply just want cheese. 

While we're at the point in the article where it's time for me to sign off, just think about something for second; would you rather have great cheese from a horrible company or great cheese from a company with standards such as Cacique? Don't answer, but simply think about it.