Cheaper By The Dozen, starring none other than Steve Martin, was released 15 years ago (!) and is still a loved movie among people of all ages. Those of us who were kids when it was in theaters love reminiscing on those days, and parents can relate to their kids not listening to them (even if they have fewer than twelve). Cheaper By The Dozen gives viewers interesting alternatives for common foods, like meat and apples, and a more entertaining way to pass out toast. Below are twelve specific reasons why this movie will never get old. 

1. Tom Welling as Charlie Baker

No explanation necessary. Just look at him.

2. Food Centered Pranks

"You soaked his underwear in meat!?" Food has many purposes, and Cheaper By The Dozen gives us another reason to love it. We have Steve Martin to thank for this idea and Sarah Baker (Alyson Stoner) to thank for leading the execution.  Pranks are great all the time, so why not use food in the most discreet way to ensure success?  

3. Breakfast for 12

Impressively, all the kids were sitting around the table, at the same time, before school, ready to eat. I cannot imagine how much of a challenge that would be, getting everyone fed and out the door on time. But the Bakers do it – until Beans the frog was spotted, at least – and look at the skill Kate Baker (Bonnie Hunt) has tossing toast to around the table to everyone. They know the drill. 

4. Apple Schmear

apples, Fuji apple, Fruit, whole apple
Jocelyn Hsu

According to Nora Baker (Piper Perabo), their great grandmother invented this game and they still enjoy playing it. Apple Schmear is a great alternative to the common use of apples, eating them. If you have some rotten apples laying around, get a tennis racket and a friend for a fun way to pass the time. 

5. Pasta a la Crotch

If you just read the title of this one it raises many questions and looks kind of gross. In reality, it's just another day at the Baker household. This is definitely one of the more memorable scenes of the movie. I mean, what else would you do when you pull out something hot from the dishwasher? 

6. Nicknames

Look at all those fashions and people! Nora's boyfriend Hank (Ashton Kutcher), was referred to as Hank the Doorknob, one of the more clever nicknames out there and one that should definitely be used more often. Mark, the red head, was referred to as FedEx, as though he was adopted and didn't really belong in the family, sad one. Lorraine (Hilary Duff) and Sarah go at each other often with nicknames such as "Barbie" and "Butch" to stress just how different they are. 

7. Early 2000s Fashion

Pictured: Beanies in September, bucket hats, lots of layers, backpack straps buckled, cargo shorts.

Not Pictured: Lorraine's midriff showing with her low rise jeans, the full zip tight jackets everyone wore, and her matching sweatsuits, and Charlie's Lucky Brand graphic tee shirt. #neverforget

8. Dance Moves

Looking for a new dance move to shake things up? Look no further, Tom Baker has you covered. Single? Not after busting this move. 

9. Jared Padalecki, Hilary Duff, and Ashton Kutcher

Dean Forester, Lizze McGuire, and Michael Kelso in one movie. Amazing. Viewers everywhere clapped along, just like Jared Padalecki did in this scene. 

10. Eleven People Exiting the House in Record Time

Complete with a skateboard, a dog, and flashlights. They covered all of their bases.

11. Human Lie Detector

For when you need the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. It's effective. 

12. One Big Happy Family

Because in the end, that's what the Bakers are, and nothing could ever tear them apart.