Some weeks, the thought of Sunday brunch is the only thing that gets me through my endless lectures, seminars, and early alarms. Nothing beats walking to downtown Kingston on a chilly morning and indulging in some well-earned brunch with my besties. But let's face it, eating at a restaurant can be expensive on a student budget. In honour of my fellow struggling Queen's students, here's a guide to the best cheap brunch spots in Kingston.

Windmills, 184 Princess Street

The most you'll pay for a breakfast entrée at Windmills is $14, and you'll be happy knowing that your money is going towards a delicious meal. Brunch at Windmills is served until 3 pm, perfect for those hungover munchies, and includes dishes like their signature brunch burger, huevos rancheros, and apple crêpes.

The Toucan, 76 Princess Street

If you're really pinching pennies, The Toucan's breakfast deal is right up your alley. As long as you buy a beverage, like a coffee or juice, your breakfast is under $5 until 3 pm. Plus, their drink deals will turn your boring breakfast into a boozy brunch in seconds.

Tommy's, 377 Princess Street

The all-day breakfast at Tommy's Diner is both surprisingly healthy and surprisingly affordable. For less than $13, you can enjoy classic breakfast foods combined with signature items like cream cheese pancakes and breakfast quesadillas. The menu at Tommy's has something for everyone in your brunch group.

Megalos, 226 Princess Street

Megalos is the place to be for a classy brunch with someone you're trying to impress. Although most items come with a $15 price tag, their classic breakfast costs only $5.50 if ordered between 9 and 10 am. Make your friends think you're sophisticated while spending almost nothing. #win

Morrison's, 318 King Street East

Morrison's is the most classic diner you could ever visit, complete with bustling waiters, chatty families, and endless coffee for those early morning meals. Every dish is way under $10, which means you can order two or three different items if you're that hungry.

Café le Matin, 137 Princess Street

Sometimes it feels nice to sit in a homey café and pretend that you're in an indie movie. Café le Matin is perfect for those kinds of mornings, and with most meals under $12, your visit won't break the bank either. Enjoy the bright yellow walls and a tasty meal as you gaze out onto Princess Street with your friends.

Pan Chancho, 44 Princess Street

Pan Chancho may not be considered cheap, but as long as you choose some of the less expensive items on the menu, you'll be able to enjoy one of the best brunches in Kingston. Most items hover around $13, and each dish is unique and tasty. If traditional brunch isn't your style, I would recommend trying Pan Chancho.

Campus Dining (No, Really)

Why bother going down to Princess Street when some of the greasiest, cheapest brunch is right on campus? Outlets like the Lazy Scholar and Location 21 serve breakfast for less than $6, and you can never go wrong with a trip to Chez Lenny, which offers all-you-can-eat brunch delicacies.

As long as you remember this list of cheap brunch spots in Kingston, you can treat yourself to some good food this weekend and still spend under $15. If you decide to splurge and get a mimosa on the side, I won't judge you.