Everytable is changing the fast food industry one meal at a time. Their mission is to provide healthy, fresh meals to low-income communities in order to ensure that healthy food can be eaten at a low price. At a fraction of the cost of popular salad places, they have the perfect meal prep service for any college student on a budget.

We had the opportunity to sample 6 of their meals, and we were so excited to check them out (especially since it was within walking distance of campus)! They have lots of options for people with dietary restrictions (which was a big plus for us gluten free gals). The meals last 4 days from the purchase date, so you have meals ready for the following days.   

Superfood Salmon Salad: $7.95

Shana de Urioste

We love plant-based, environmentally friendly options, and this salad encompasses it. It is filled with an abundance of flavors that leave your taste buds dancing and stomach happy. The combination of quinoa and lentils is unreal, and it makes it a complete protein source too. The salmon was the perfect size-- it didn't overpower the salad in any way. The pumpkin seeds added an extra crunch, and we love the color of the veggies and sweet potato! The dressing complemented the salad perfectly too. 

Kale Caesar Salad with Chicken: $5.95

Shana de Urioste

A healthy caesar salad? How can this be? This delicious salad had fresh lemon and tomatoes, lightly seasoned chicken, parmesan crisps, and a delicious yogurt-based dressing. Another fun aspect of these salads is shaking them! Pour the dressing on, close the lid, and shake for a few seconds. This makes all the flavors blend together to be the most perfectly balanced salad. 

Jamaican Jerk Chicken: $5.50

Shana de Urioste

Craving a vacation? Well, EveryTable has got you covered! This bowl transports you to the lush island of Jamaica. As you taste the fresh plantain and coconut grains, you can feel as if you are on the beach basking in the sun. This flavorful bowl is very satisfying after a long day of work or school, too!

Taco Bowl: $5.25

Let's Taco bout this bowl! This is another standout favorite; you can't go wrong with any healthy Mexican inspired dish like this. It included seasoned ground turkey, roasted corn salsa, white cheddar cheese, black beans... the whole shebang! It was nice after a long day of school to come home to an already-made meal that I could throw in the microwave and have it be ready in a few quick minutes.

Spaghetti Squash Bowl: $5.50

This was a delicious and flavorful spaghetti squash bolognese. Made with quinoa and perfectly seasoned turkey meatballs, this was definitely one of our favorites. The marinara sauce was so flavorful--it tasted like we were in Italy eating a delicious pasta dish!

Superfood Cookie AKA The Best Cookie in the Entire World: $1.95

Shana de Urioste

Although all of the meals were yummy, we both have a major sweet tooth…therefore, the standout star was the Superfood Cookie! This cookie was pure bliss and probably lasted less than a minute. It was just the right sweetness. Sometimes oatmeal cookies can taste a bit dry or crumbly, but this cookie was far from it! It was moist and gooey, and warmed in the microwave for a few seconds made it taste fresh out of the oven again. I will definitely be getting more of these cookies in the future!

EveryTable is perfect for just that...Every single table! 

If you want to leave your tastebuds singing and wallet full, then EveryTable is for you. Especially if you're short on time and on a budget, EveryTable makes it easy on EVERYbody. With their new subscription service, you can buy your meals for the week and include a cookie or two (or three... or ten), all for an amazing price and a full tummy!