Most of my crazy ideas come from Youtube, and sometimes I happen to stumble upon random items while online shopping. This procrastinating-my-homework process brought me to the discovery of the infamous Chambong from the Buzzfeed channel. Sounds a little strange, right? The Chambong has actually taken off as the ultimate classy and quick way to drink bubbly. Cha-ching.

 Creating the Chambong

Here's the official definition of a Chambong, probably the strangest word you'll hear today:

Chambong [sham-bong]: a device used for the rapid and enhanced experience of sparkling wine / champagne


It's essentially a classier-looking beer bong, made for people to feel a tad bit more sophisticated. If anything, the creators of Chambong will jump-start your creativity and your inner entrepreneur to make the next alcohol venture a successful one. Sometimes dumb ideas aren't so dumb after all. These guys are making bank.

How to Use the Chambong

The Chambong comes in two sizes, including regular and mini, as well as two types of material: glass and acrylic, both available to purchase. You can buy singles, a pair, five-pack, or even a 50-pack! The flutes are pretty skinny so you can fit six ounces, which is the perfect amount, in my opinion. The instructions you are given from the box are fairly simple, straightforward, and easy to use.

Step One: Tilt at an angle until it forms a V-like shape.

Step Two: Pour slowly and do not overfill. Leave one inch empty on both ends.

Step Three: Put mouth over stem and slowly lift and drink until empty.

Initial Reaction

I purchased the acrylic five-pack for my 21st birthday to add onto the fun festivities. I chose to go for the acrylic because of the durability factor and knowing that I am accident prone. I've never been a person to shot gun beers or use beer bongs at all, and I'm not going to lie I was hesitant at first. Despite purchasing them for my 21st, I didn't actually use them. I finally found them in the back of my closet at home, decided to bring them back to school, and give them a try. After all, it's almost been an entire year since I purchased these pups. 

Final Thoughts

It's not as overwhelming and stressful as a beer bong or just shotgunning a beer. It was more enjoyable and easier than I expected. The only downside is the high amounts of carbonation; be cautious for an intense burp immediately following. Pick your poison, whether it be Andre, Veuve Clicquot, or Dom Perignon – Chambongs don't discriminate. 

Interested in adding some to your househould? Click here to purchase your own Chambong. I promise it'll make you feel like a slightly more civilized college student. P.S. They usually have sales around Valentine's Day, the Super Bowl, and spring're Welcome.