The All-American game of Pictionary just got a little weirder. With the addition of a few simple items and a warm summer day, Chalktionary is born. So grab some friends and some drinks, and party on this summer, elementary school style.

Materials Needed:
• Pictionary game
• Sidewalk chalk
• Timer/Stopwatch
• Drinks!

• Teams of two
• Each team has 15 seconds to complete their turn
• One person is drawing while his/her partner is drinking (yes, continuously without stopping for 15 seconds)
• When the time is up, the drinker must make a guess at his/her partner’s drawing
• If guessed correctly, the team will earn 1 point, then switch roles for their next turn
• An incorrect guess will earn a team 0 points, and (wait for it) each person is stuck drinking or drawing until a correct guess is made
• First team to 5 points wins! (maybe scale it down a bit if you’re with a smaller group of friends) Or not, if you’re feeling extra freaky.

 photo pIi4KL_zps29b26526.gif