Over the summer, I did an internship in Boulder, Colorado, and I got to experience some incredible food and go camping in the Rocky Mountains. About 15 minutes away from downtown Boulder is the well-known tea company Celestial Seasonings.

I’ve been drinking their tea for years and the Sleepytime Herbal Tea has been my ride or die. They provide (free) tours that go throughout their factory and you can learn the process of how they brew and package their tea. They have over 100 varieties of tea, and these are the top five you need in your pantry this fall.

1. Dirty Chai Tea 

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Hailey Nelson

This tea understands your need for a little something extra in the morning. Dirty Chai has been kicked up a notch with a hint of espresso that gives it bold flavor. I like to sprinkle in some nutmeg and cinnamon before I pour in the water to give it a little more spice. 

2. Fireside Vanilla Spice Tea

coffee, tea, apple
Hailey Nelson

I didn’t know a tea could make you feel cozy until I tasted this. I’m a huge fan of anything vanilla, and it’s possible I might be drinking this every day this fall. Fireside Vanilla Spice features hints of cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, and vanilla that make it the perfect fall tea. Let's just say one box won’t be enough.  

3. Celestial Organics Immunity Tea

Now that we’re getting into the cooler months, the weather can be harsh on your immune system. Avoid the germ-invested dining halls and combat flu season with this tea that features organic echinacea, a popular herb that helps fight off infections. 

4. Sweet Harvest Pumpkin Tea 

I don’t like to be that person who includes pumpkin in everything fall related, but regardless, I felt this tea needed to be mentioned. It has the richest pumpkin flavor I’ve ever tasted in a tea, and it's caffeinated, so you can start drinking your pumpkin in the morning instead of eating it. I prefer sprinkling in a dash of nutmeg and topping it off with a cinnamon stick. 

5. Cinnamon Apple Spice Tea

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Hailey Nelson

This is the better version of your traditional apple cider. The Cinnamon Apple Spice tea is the one you should be drinking on a cool fall night while you're inside watching scary movies. This tea is a little on the sweet side with flavors of cinnamon, butterscotch, and apples. It can also be used to make fall cocktails, maybe with rum?