At this point, I have truly given up on Starbucks spelling my name right on my daily coffee. I've tried enunciating my name, giving them an example of how it is spelled ("Sydney, like Australia"), and even spelling my name straight up, and it's still never right. Apparently, this is not just a first world problem: celebrities also fall victim to Starbucks' misspelled cups

In case you need more proof that celebs are just like us than your most recent US Weekly could provide, here are some of the most blatant celebrity Starbucks' misspelled cup incidents of late. 

Reese Witherspoon

Next time someone spells my name wrong at Starbucks, I am creating a hashtag as well #ItsReeseNotGreece.

Michael Phelps

Okay, this one was most definitely on purpose, and Phelp's even grammed the cups as proof. My only issue: My Boston roots are telling me that Tom Brady is the real GOAT, but I guess Michael Phelps is OK at swimming.

Hailey Baldwin

Photo courtesy of Instagram.

Apparently not everyone kept up with the Hailey Baldwin/Justin Bieber fling as closely as I did. Switching her name from Hailey to Amy—this name swap at least gets the ending right.

Rita Ora

Photo courtesy of Instagram.

I mainly listen to this girl in spin class (check out "For You" from the new "Fifty Shades" soundtrack if you're looking to bop). Rita to Reita isn't the worst I've seen, but I would definitely be a little salty if this was a daily thing.

Isla Fisher

My fave shopaholic recognizes that her name is a wee bit hard to spell, joking in the caption that "Aila" is "better than Izla, Lisa, Eyelay, Amy Adams, Jessica Chastain, Bryce Dallas and occasionally when I haven’t shaved...Ed Sheeran" (lolling at her self-awareness with the last few).

Dwayne Wade

He may be one of the most famous basketball players in the country, but he's still getting his name spelled wrong on his latte. Wade showed some humor with it, asking "am I turning into this guy now????" 

Caitlyn Jenner

Not everyone can accept that Caitlyn isn't sticking with the signature Kardashian "K." Jenner was spotted leaving Starbucks with "Kaitlyn" on her cup. 

Hopefully this makes you feel a little less alone in the true tragedy of getting your name misspelled at Starbucks. For the celebrities, however, I recommend that they start signing autographs with the names used on their Starbucks' misspelled cups.