Wine; as I’d call it, it’s adult grape juice. There’s an array of it, too. There’s reds, rosé, and whites. While my favorite might not matter in this case, it’s definitely up for a great debate. Most of the time, we tend to drink different things based upon how we're feeling - there's no arguing with that. Thankfully, Winc gets that. So with Winc, you can have an appropriate drink, based upon your mood. 

The pairings 

Mood:’s fall already? // Wine Pairing: Pacificana Rosé

Liz Abere

Rosé season might technically be over, but if you're anything like me, you don't give a damn and will drink all kinds of wine year-round. The best part is that with every bottle of Pacificana, each bottle helps preserve the environment in partnership with 1% for the planet - hashtag score.

Mood: Back to (home)school // Wine Pairing: Restless Earth 

Liz Abere

This red wine's meant to be a wine that's consumed after a long day or when you're finishing sh!t up. Who gives a damn if you're drinking on your last Zoom call of the day? You deserve it, girlfriend.

Mood: Dragging your significant other to the pumpkin patch // Wine Pairing: Wonderful Wine Co. Malvasia Bianca

Liz Abere

Technically, this is an orange wine - to pair with your orange pumpkins, duh. Wonderful Wine Co.'s Malvasia Bianca is a clean wine, in case that matters to you. This wine is almost as fall as it can get, so drink up.

Mood: When you’re craving a PSL but don’t want to be basic // Wine Pairing: Mercana Malbec

Liz Abere

This Malbec has spices of nutmeg in it, which is very in season. It's a step up from everyone's favorite PSL, which we all know stands for pumpkin spice latte. Please, try not to be that basic this year and invest in some Mercana Malbec this year. 

Mood: When you have to push back your wedding (again) // Wine Pairing: Endgame Chardonnay 

Liz Abere

We're six months into a fuck!ng pandemic, which means that people have had to push sh!t back - including their weddings. I know that this is stressful, and having some chardonnay is the best way to cheer you up.

Mood: When you’re supposed to be on that trip you had planned... // Wine Pairing: Far + Wide Touriga Nacional 

Liz Abere

This wine's supposed to remind you of the Portuguese countryside, and if it doesn't, then try and pretend that it does. The wine itself can be served slightly chilled if that's your thing, thus making it the perfect wine to transition from summer into fall.

Mood: When the Halloween sugar craving sets in // Wine Pairing: Scarlet Smack 

Liz Abere

Who says that you can't have a craving for wine and sweets? Not me, because having both simultaneously is definitely possible. Open up a bag of candy, uncork a bottle of this lovely zinfandel, and voila - you've got yourself the perfect duo.

With Winc, drinking wine doesn't have to be so bad. As you just read, they have a wine for every mood that you might be feeling this fall, so now's the perfect time to order some bottles and drink up. The nice thing about Winc is that you can always go back to their website and order more bottles down the road if you genuinely want to - trust me, the website isn't going anywhere.