The Chinese Lunar New Year (which was on 1/28/17) is a holiday that emphasizes the importance of being together with family and sitting down to a nice meal together. Every year, my family (and hundreds of other families) prepare a wonderful meal to ring in the new year, and what does a semi-broke college student miss more? Home-Cooked Meals.

Being home and eating delicious food with loved ones is often the thing many students (including myself) miss the most during this time of year (especially winter term, #amirite?). However, I was fortunate enough to travel home for the last weekend to spend the holiday with my family. While not every student could travel home to have a seat at the table with their family, let me invite you to take a seat at the table with mine. 

Khao Soi

Jeffrey Ho

Khao Soi, a coconut curry noodle soup with chicken, served as an appetizer. 


meat, vegetable, flour, gyoza, dough, ravioli, dumpling
Jeffrey Ho

It's a tradition that every year we eat dumplings (AKA The main course, there were a sh#t-ton of these btw) on Chinese new year, and every year we hide dimes in these dumplings to see who can get a dime first (so don't bite too hard). 

Naem Khao Tod

meat, sauce, vegetable, pork, chicken, rice
Jeffrey Ho

A little bit of old, mixed with a little bit of new. Naem Khao Tod (literal fried rice) is a crispy rice salad served as a delicious side dish. 

Chinese Tea Eggs

vegetable, egg
Jeffrey Ho

Chinese Tea eggs, with soy sauce braised seaweed and cold tofu, served a side dish (feat. some fried fish in the back).

Egg Rolls

spring rolls, sweet, dough, bread, pastry, vegetable, meat
Jeffrey Ho

What's a feast without some dank egg rolls on the side? 

Sliced Beef Chuck with Tripe and Cow Tongues 

pork, vegetable, meat, beef
Jeffrey Ho

Something a bit more for the bold, Sliced beef chunk with tripe and cow tongues. 

Couldn't ask more for delicious food and good company. I would like to thank my family and cousins (Annie, and Jon) for all making this delicious meal together. I hope you all are having a wonderful (Chinese) New Year! Happy Year of the Rooster!