So, sadly, it's official: Prince Harry did not pick you to be his princess. Cue the sobs of the other 3 billion girls he didn't choose. While our dreams of becoming a real-life princess are officially crushed, we can wipe away our tears because Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are the definition of couple goals. These two walk down the aisle this Saturday, starting at 5 AM Eastern time (brutally early but we all know we'll be front and center and have our eyes glued to the screen). So, it's time to raise our tea glasses and celebrate this royal wedding the only way the British know how to celebrate, with a tea party. 

Tea (duh)

Obviously, no tea party is complete without tea, but a Royal Wedding Tea Party calls for special tea. To honor Meghan and Harry, Harney and Son's created a special Royal Wedding Tea, which is a blend of Chinese Mutan White tea buds with almond, coconut and vanilla. You'll feel like you're part of the royal bridal party sipping this high class tea. And their tea is even available on Amazon Prime so you'll get it in time to celebrate on Saturday. 


Crumpets are an essential part of the English tea party diet. Crumpets are the lighter and fluffier version of muffins and are an easy breakfast snack to break out for this weekend. Ozery Bakery has you covered in the crumpet and health category, so you can pop as many of these jam covered crumpets as you want. 


Scones are crumpets' twin and are needed to complete any tea party. Tea and Sympathy in Greenwich Village serves up the perfect British Afternoon tea and are the queens of scones. While you might not want to leave your apartment for a scone, you can make them yourself (when you can tear your eyes off the screen). Or you can always order ahead and have them plated and ready for when the moment arrives. 


Butter and jam are the essential condiments for tea parties, and the best part is there are thousands of jam flavors you can pick from to please all your tea party guests. Make your own raspberry jam or buy the best blueberry preserves, but make sure you're armed and ready to eat your feelings out for when Meghan walks out in her dazzling dress. 

Tea Sandwiches

Because the wedding will last hours, you'll have to be prepared for multiple snacking moods. While the crumpets and scones can tide you over in the morning, tea sandwiches will fulfill your afternoon lunch cravings. These mini finger sandwiches are the perfect snacking size and are easy to make and set out. 

Prince Harry and Meghan are set to walk down the aisle this Saturday,. You're definitely gonna need some good eats while watching the wedding, and now you're set to watch the festivities in the classic British style.Let high tea commence as our favorite royals are finally getting married!