As a non-native Texan, I was surprised by how many unfamiliar fast food chain restaurants that Texas had to offer.  I have only lived here for 4 months, but of course I have tried almost all that Texas has to offer. Even though these are not the healthiest options, they are available at a pinch, at almost any time of the day, and at a decent price. These three characteristics make fast food not only appealing but essential for a broke, college student like me.  As November 16 approaches, celebrate this National Fast Food Day the Texan way with this list of these delicious and fried options.

1. Whataburger

At my first experience at Whataburger, I made the rookie mistake of choosing a plain burger from the menu. After all, burger is part of its name. However, little did I know, that the truly amazing items lie on their "All-Time Favorites" part of the menu. After some advice, I got a "Whataburger Patty Melt" which combines a two hamburger patty with onions in between two big pieces of Texas toast. While I at first did not understand the hype around Texas toast, I soon understood that it truly is unique and superior to regular toast.

2. Taco Bell

Whenever you are in the mood for some Mexican, Taco Bell will always satisfy your cravings. Doritos Locos is the pure definition of American innovation. By using a Doritos taco shell to hold the taco contents, it fuses two worlds in the most patriotic way possible. Be sure to hit up Taco Bell this National Fast Food Day, and receive deals when you download their app.

3. Raising Canes

Raising Canes is another essential stop for fast food. The first time I tried Canes I was at a SMU game day boulevard, and ever since, I have fallen in love. The tenders have a perfect crunch that pairs perfectly with Cane's secret sauce: a savory, mysterious mixture of flavors. Although this may sound vague or unappealing, it is something that you definitely have taste and see for yourself!

3. Chipotle

If you are not in the mood for something greasy, Chipotle has many other options like the burrito bowl. Pile on as many toppings like the corn salsa, pico de gallo, and cheese to get the optimal amount of flavor out of your meal; if you are willing to splurge, pay the extra $1.80 for the guac. Pro tip: if you are feeling peckish and just want a smaller meal, get a kids meal like their Taco Kit. You get two tacos with one meat and two sides, a mini bag of chips, and a small soft drink. 

4. P Terry's 

While fast food gets a bad rap for being artificial and not fresh, P Terry's breaks this stereotype by committing itself to having only fresh, natural ingredients. Their burgers are never a disappointment and pair deliciously with their shakes. If you are ever in the Austin area, it is definitely worth it to swing by and give it a try.

When I first came to Texas, I was surprised to find out how adamant and proud each person is about their own personal signature meal combo at their favorite chain. However, after trying each of these fast food places, I have begun to understand the hype and reasoning behind their obsessions.  As National Fast Food Day approaches make sure to celebrate it the right way, and eat guilt-free and in Texas-sized proportions!