Hanukah/Hannukah/Channukah/Channukkaahh time, however you want to spell it, is upon us. Maybe you’re one of the lucky ones who has finished finals already, but maybe you’re like me and you’re here till the bitter end. For those of you who don’t know, Hannukah is a celebration of when the Maccabees led a successful rebellion against King Antiochus, winning back the Temple of Jerusalem. The oil in the Menorah in the Temple lasted 8 nights instead of the 1 it was supposed to —a total miracle! It’s been a while since Hebrew School so please just accept that brief explanation. Hannukah today revolves around present giving/getting, lighting candles and like all Jewish holidays, food.


Photo by Amanda Shulman

Click here to begin your holiday by lighting a virtual Hannukiya, the official name for the Menorah during Hannukah. To really get the mood going, Pandora has a Hanukkah playlist here.

Since a night out at Zahav or Abe Fisher ain’t in the cards when you’ve managed to score a spot in one of the silent study rooms, here are your food alternatives:

Honey’s Sit n Eat
Boy oh boy has Postmates revolutionized your options. Honey’s is widely known to have the best latkes in town. They have a great catering menu too, so throw a party in a GSR and watch yourself become the most popular mensch on campus!

Federal Donuts


Photo by Amanda Shulman

This holiday is also an excuse to eat as much fried food as you possibly can. Go nuts for Federal Donuts and have yourself a tasting. They’re also offering free donuts for students who show their penn cards. Just saying.



Photo by Dina Zaret


When I tell you that I postmated their shakshouka on hummus to Huntsman today and almost cried tears of joy in MBA as I devoured it, I’m honestly not exaggerating. I couldn’t wait long enough to take a picture, sorry guys, but here’s one from the last time I went there and I promise the delivery version is just as beautiful.

Insider tip: they change their menu every day so check out their Instagram @dizengoff_philly (I follow them and so should you) or call them up and see what’s on tap for the day. This incredible Israeli hummusiya will take you back to the days of the Maccabees or, ya know, Birthrigh,t in a flash.

Agno Grill
Your last (but certainly not least) option for some Chanukah approved delivery is Agno. Owned by Pure Fare and essentially a healthier and Mediterranean Chipotle, Agno will easily become your new fave. It’s one of the lucky restaurants currently featured on Caviar, and they have free delivery for your first order.

Don’t miss: the rice pudding for dessert. Made with brown rice, coconut milk, maple syrup and crushed pistachios, it’s probably the most healthy and absolutely incredible pudding you’ll ever had. I was skeptical at first, but I guarantee it’s worth the risk.

Under Commons
You think I’d ever forget the magic of Gourmet Grocer?! Never. Go ahead and bursar yourself some chocolate and pretend it’s gelt, snag some applesauce cups and pretend your Bubby made it, or pick up some of the fancy macaroons they have and get a head start on Passover.

Happy Holidays, from my silent study room to yours.